WACUBO 2022 Colorado Springs Sustainability: Carbon Emissions Offsets

What is WACUBO doing?

The last in-person conference in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2019 was completely carbon neutral. In 2022, we aim to replicate this milestone, and we need your help to succeed! 

What do you need to do?

WACUBO will offset the carbon emissions associated with travel to, from, and during the conference. To do this, we need to collect your mode(s) of transportation (e.g., plane, passenger car, etc.) and total number of miles traveled. 

*If your institution already offsets your travel carbon emissions, please let us know by answering the first three questions. For everyone else, please take a few minutes to provide the information WACUBO needs to report travel-related emissions accurately.

 Help make WACUBO 2022 be completely carbon neutral. 

Carbon Offset Form