2024 CPE Information 

Check In and Out

Please read these updates entirely as they contain important information for receiving CPE credit.

Considering the recent updates to the NASBA Standards, we wanted to share some updates around credit calculations and ensure you are comfortable with the Conferences i/o tracking system used at the conference.

Tutorials are available on the WACUBO website for in-person tracking and instructions for using Conferences i/o can be found online. Conferences i/o is web-based and will not require a download to access. We encourage you to review these resources ahead of the conference.

Each session that is eligible for CPE credits will be available to check in to, either on a mobile device, tablet, or computer. WACUBO will provide a name badge insert at the registration table that has a QR code for you to have quick access to Conferences i/o. These QR codes will also be available throughout the conference on the rolling slides and flyers in session rooms.

You will be able to check in to any session within 10 minutes of the session starting. To be eligible for CPE credits, attendees are required to check out within 5 minutes of the session concluding. Conferences i/o will capture your attendance time when the timestamp is captured between your check-in and check-out times. The WACUBO Office will perform an audit of all check-in and check-out times to ensure these guidelines were followed.

Additionally, credit will not be awarded for attendance times that are less than 50 minutes. CPE calculations start at 1 credit at the 50-minute mark and are eligible for an additional half credit at the 75-minute mark. Partial credits will be not awarded until after attendees have participated in at least 50 minutes of each session. You can review the conference schedule-at-a-glance to see which sessions are eligible for CPE credit.

WACUBO understands that technology errors can impact a user’s ability to accurately capture their attendance time in each session. To provide a backup option to Conferences i/o, sign-in sheets will be available in every session room. In the event you feel your check-in or check-out times are not accurately recorded, please complete all information on the sign-in sheets to be included in the audit for CPE eligibility. CPE issues will ONLY be corrected on-site, not after the conference. If you do not contact the WACUBO Office via email or speak with the WACUBO CPE monitor at the registration desk before departing from the conference, you will not be eligible for any corrections to your check-in or check-out times.

Certificates will be sent out within 4-6 weeks of the conference.