WACUBO 2021 Service Project

Every year, WACUBO participates in a Service Project in connection with the Annual Conference. Recently, WACUBO re-envisioned its service project to incorporate and encourage the higher education presence while providing a valuable community service to local schools with youth and students who may not have thought higher education was an option available to them. 

This year, we ask that you help us support a school, Fairview Elementary of Anchorage, AK for the 2021 Service Project! Fairview Elementary School is a public elementary school that is home to 363 students in grades Pre-K to 6th.

We are asking all members who can help to purchase items off the Amazon Wish ListYou can share the Fairview Elementary, Anchorage Amazon Wishlist by copying this link: bit.ly/wacubo.

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Asst. Principal Dorissa Martin, Fairview Elementary School, 1327 Nelchina St, Anchorage, AK, 99501-4825 United States

Support Fairview Elementary Today!

Everyone who donates will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.

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About the Students

Fairview Elementary ChorusApproximately 91% of Fairview families qualify for free-reduced lunch. COVID-19 continues to create financial challenges for its students since many of its families work in the food service and hospitality industry; tourism to Anchorage has been very limited and many restaurants remain closed. Fairview also services a large number of Somali refugee children whose families speak very limited English. Fairview is located in a transient area where approximately 20% of our students are new each year. Ethnic groups that cyclically migrate between Anchorage for work and their home countries also contribute to the transience. 95% of its students are from minority ethnic groups. Fairview has a significant English as a Second Language population with over 20 different home languages spoken. 

Fairview Elementary Basketball Team

Fairview's Commitment

Fairview’s school-wide Title I program has provided academic support and interventions in the area of reading, attendance, and behavior for all grade levels. This has helped to improve classroom instruction and provide specific interventions for those students at strategic and intensive levels. Fairview places a significant emphasis on professional development linked to student performance and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). All the teachers continue to be trained in explicit instructional techniques to help teachers teach the Common Core State Standards with more intensity and increased student engagement.

Fairview is fortunate to have an active PTA. Though small in number, several parents regularly assist with special projects and with family events, which helps create a welcoming environment. Family events, parent workshops, and home visits provide support for Fairview families.

Thank you for supporting the students and school.

Fairview Elementary Photo

For more information, please contact Service Project lead Patricia Anderson at [email protected].