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We can't wait for your presentation at the 2024 WACUBO Annual Conference. This page acts as a guide to help you prepare to present at the conference, and to ensure you are fully confident in your presentation, co-presenters, and finally, your tech!

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To-Dos & Deadlines
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Presenter To-Do List & Deadlines

Task Deadline
Confirm your willingness to present at the conference  January 8, 2024
Submit your headshot and biography for your session page (plus for any co-presenter(s) if applicable)  January 29, 2024
Download the WACUBO 2024 PowerPoint template.
Register for the conference using your speaker discount.  April 8, 2024
Submit your finalized PowerPoint presentation & materials to the WACUBO office (Please let us know if you would not like your PowerPoint to be posted for attendees to download) (If you would like hard copy handouts available for attendees, you will need to provide them yourself.)  April 1, 2024
Have a great time presenting at WACUBO 2024!  

Presentation Guidelines & Recommendations

What You Need to Do: What You Should Do:
  • Use the WACUBO 2024 PowerPoint template provided
  • Dress to impress
  • Use up-to-date, quality resources and reporting best practices — Please openly cite all resources (including images) in your presentation
  • Keep your presentation within your allotted time
  • Audio-Visual Set-up: The standard AV package includes a podium, wired microphone, one wireless lavaliere microphone, slide advancer, laptop computer, projector, and screen. A wireless internet connection will also be available.
    • If you provided us your presentation in advance, it will be pre-loaded on the provided laptop computer. Otherwise, you will be responsible for bringing your presentation to the session.  
  • Provide a takeaway for your audience (downloadable materials will be available for attendees before (or after) your presentation)
  • Practice your presentation with a friend or colleague
  • Provide your presentation slides and materials to the office early
  • Work with your coach to come up with a few questions attendees might ask during your session to answer during low points of the Q&A portion
  • Engage with your audience

Tips & Resources for Presenting 

 Presentation Tips
  1. Engage your audience
  2. Keep an upbeat pace
  3. Stand up, allow yourself to move around
  4. Keep your energy up!
  5. Invest in lighting equipment
  6. Pay attention to your audio quality
  7. Make eye contact with the camera
  8. Know your slides
  9. Practice your timing
  10. Be yourself and HAVE FUN!
List compiled from: convene.com, virtualspeech.com, forbes.com

Ways to be more engaging via aecumen.com

  1. Exaggerate vocal inflections
  2. Use gestures
  3. Enunciate
  4. Make eye contact
  5. Consider the lighting
  6. Spice up your slides - add animations, transitions, pictures, and even gifs
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Maximizing Accessibility in Your Presentation via nten.org

  1. Keep slide show paragraph/bullet point text size a minimum of 20–28 points
  2. Label slides with unique headings. If more than 1 slide per topic, use a numerical identifier such as "(1 of 2)"
  3. Avoid using italics or ALL CAPS
  4. Keep transition animations to a minimum
  5. Focus on short blurbs and lists
  6. Don't overfill your slides - break up dense slides to multiple slides
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