WACUBO 2022 Service Project

Every year, WACUBO participates in a Service Project in connection with the Annual Conference. Recently, WACUBO re-envisioned its service project to incorporate and encourage the higher education presence while providing a valuable community service to local schools with youth and students who may not have thought higher education was an option available to them. 

This year, we ask that you help us support Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy (JSAA) of Colorado Springs, CO for the 2022 Service Project! JSAA serves the students from military families located at Peterson Airbase. We are also asking members to bring a youth-sized t-shirt or sweatshirt from their college/university that will be donated to a JSAA student. Donations can be dropped off at the Service Project desk at The Broadmoor.

We are asking all members who can help to purchase items off the Amazon Wish ListYou can share the Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy Amazon Wishlist by copying this link: bit.ly/wacubo2022.

When checking out from Amazon, please select the following address when you are prompted to "Choose A Shipping Address":

James Nason, 4220 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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About Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy

JSAA Titans LogoJack Swigert Aerospace Academy (JSAA) is a middle school located in the Southeast area of Colorado Springs. JSAA is a minority-majority school that serves students located at Peterson Airbase and the surrounding area, a predominantly lower-income area. The school typically reports a Free and Reduced Lunch percentage of between 85 and 95 percent. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, families are not required to apply for the FRL program to receive the FRL status. The school has seen the percentage drop to approximately 70 percent for this school year.

JSAA sits on a large parcel of land also used by the community. In a recent survey of its students, they asked for additional playground and sports equipment that could be used at lunchtime, recess, and in after-school clubs. Students expressed interest in portable soccer equipment like soccer balls and goals, additional basketball hoops, and smaller equipment like bag toss that they can move inside to keep them secure.

JSAA has an aerospace theme, and staff is also looking to increase the availability of robotics and drone kits for students to use both in class and as a club after school. The high school JSAA feeds into has a drone program—students and staff believe that increasing the availability and access to these programs would better prepare them for high school.

JSAA Students
JSAA Students   JSAA Students


For more information, please contact Service Project lead Patricia Anderson at [email protected].